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Hello, Dream Jump to a new version of Rope Jump. All film about - insane Dream Jump, Rope Jump , BASE Jump, Bungee Jumping, Bungy Jumping ! ! ! Remember - you can join us, and jump with us. Please subscribe our channel. Write all your suggestions, what would you like to see or change. I am creating movies to get you closer to ROPE JUMP in DREAM JUMP technique. The channel is dedicated mostly to "Dream Jump" rope jumping technique, but we are also doing jumps with BASE jumpers. You could also see Bungy or Bungee jumps as well. And the latest crown jewel, jumps performed from zipline - BASE jumps together with ROPE jump - pure awesomeness. Long story short - the more subscryptions you make, the more you watch our site and liking our FB, the more things we can show you.

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